Get Rid of Your Outdated Popcorn Ceiling

Arrange for skim coating services in Hershey, Lancaster, York & Mechanicsburg, PA

If you want a specific texture for your drywall, Patch Boys of South Central PA can perform a skim coating service. Our crew will mix drywall mud and apply it to your wall or ceiling to give you the look you want. We can remove an old texture and leave your wall with a smooth, even finish. Or, we can create a new texture or match your other walls.

Get a skim coating in Hershey, Lancaster, York & Mechanicsburg, PA by calling us today.

3 reasons to remove your popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were a popular texture decades ago. Many people consider them outdated now, however. Consider popcorn ceiling removal in Hershey, Lancaster & York, PA because...

  1. They can be a health risk. Old popcorn ceilings were made with the known carcinogen asbestos.
  2. They're unattractive. Popcorn ceilings look as old as they are and don't often match modern styles.
  3. They decrease your home's value. Potential buyers will likely factor the cost of popcorn ceiling removal into their offer.

Our crew can remove your popcorn ceiling and retexture the drywall to your specifications. Make an appointment by calling us at 717-512-9825.